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Coaches are encouraged to contact the coach from the other team prior to game day to confirm any specifics (which field if the park has several) as well as scheduling changes that might be necessary due to weather. The following contact information has been gathered for coaches from the other leagues that we play against.

Pitch-Count Rules For Minors

If a pitcher goes over a limit in the middle of a batter, he can finish the batter and still be considered for the lower limit.

# of Pitches in a day # of calendar days of rest
before pitching again
66 or more 4
51-65 3
36 to 50 2
21 to 35 1
1 to 20 No rest required







These are some of the resources that have been gathered so far to equip our coaches to be the most effective and encouraging teachers of the game. Please take a look and if you come across other sources of information that might be helpful, please feel free to email any documents or links to .